Friday, May 30, 2014

Interested in bringing your business or project to life via your website? Sphere Guru can help integrate virtual tours and panorama shots into your online presence to entice visitors from all over the globe. More details under the panorama below.

Click and drag the images below to immerse yourself in the scene. You can also use your right/left arrow keys to pan around in the scene. 

Offer indoor tours of your business to give potential customers a preview of the ambiance and what you have to offer.  

Take a look at the different options available to you by visiting the pages listed in the column on the right or on the list below. For recent updates on functionality and added features visit our dynamic site here and ask for a quote
  • Google Maps | Business Views - have your business or project listed on this popular platform for increased visibility
  • Embedded Panoramas - put interactive virtual reality views in your website giving potential clients a preview of your rooms, dining areas, and beautiful scenes.  
  • Bird's Eye Views - Aerial photography offers a unique view of an area.  Embedded aerial video also adds an additional sense of adventure. 
  • Pegman integration - make sure people find your business on Google maps using their new Pegman feature. 
  • Google Earth - this powerful mapping tool can highlight your business with 360 cities panoramas.
  • Macro subjects - highlight your services and products with vibrant images of decorated food dishes, flower arrangements, interesting animals.
  • Underwater images - if you offer beach excursions which include snorkeling or diving, you want to show potential visitors what they may encounter on one of their adventures. 
For more information click on the pages listed on the menu on the panel on the right.